We invest across many markets with a focus on technology. We rely on sound economic theory and analysis and apply a disciplined methodology to deliver long-term sustainable results. Using both qualitative and quantitative tools, we meticulously structure every detail of our investment process.

We build portfolios with a focus on sustainable investments and have implemented a corporate strategy of ethical behavior aligning with the principals of sustainable investments. We also engage in social projects, educational initiatives and developing strategies on how to maximize positive impact for developing communities in Africa and India. We regard it as our responsibility to give back and make a real difference.

Money markets

Following our diversified, global investment strategy, we invest in:

  • Variable-rate debt and commercial papers
  • Bonds with short maturities
  • Higher-yielding assets
  • Foreign currency debt
  • Asset-backed commercial papers
  • Structured investment vehicles
  • Mortgage-backed securities
  • Repos


Infrastructure financing is one of the most rapidly developing areas. It is also faced with many challenges. Emerging markets, for example, need twice the infrastructure investment they now receive. While East Asia has the greatest need in infrastructure investment, Africa’s requirements are large in comparison to its economic size. Power generation accounts for more than half of the needed investment. The potential is enormous, considering the estimated capital need is approximately US$2 trillion per year in the emerging markets alone. Participation in developing countries' infrastructure by institutional investors is steadily increasing.

We develop debt-equity models and financing structures with increased institutional participation elements focusing on sustainable and realistic revenue streams. We also finance public-private partnership projects to maximize value creation within the frame of infrastructure projects.

Emerging markets

With a multilayered strategy for emerging markets, we target explosive, short-term growth as well as the development of a long-term, fertile value creation ground. We develop long-term strategies for emerging markets in order to maximize profits and mitigate risks.


We invest in energy markets as part of our strategy. Additionally, we invest and support energy optimization technologies, alternative energy technologies, and innovation in the fields of solar energy, chemical energy storage, and oil cracking technologies. Further, we are engaged in emerging markets. In energy infrastructure, we produce strong, profit-driven financing solutions and focus on emerging markets. Since 2019 we have begun the development of short-term energy supply programs for Sub-Saharan Africa in order to supply a short-term, energy-based modular power plant approach.


We invest in technology in the area of artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain platforms, cybersecurity, patents, and technology-based education. A further focus is automation and mobility management. Some examples of our tech investments include:

  • A multi-purpose kiosk platform, based on proprietary hardware and software  offers various services like advertising, vending,  ATM, options with checks cashing, cryptos and much more to its clients in a single attractive product. To end users, it offers multiple attractive services.
  • Qspike is the core of an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm platform which processes millions of data streams in parallel, identifies patterns, and connects to data delivery APIs.

Blockchain is creating an unprecedented level of trust in an endless list of applications, ranging from alternative currencies to health data applications, government administration, and much more. We closely monitor the developments and opportunities, finance blockchain projects and are deploying dedicated teams to manage blockchain technology investments. We invest in multiple platforms based on blockchain and distributed ledger technology.