Creating value

Creating value is our core business. We develop long-term strategies to be able to react to market changes and to combine and shift assets fast. We do this by engaging in different markets to achieve the maximum value positions, sustainable profitability and strong business growth.

For the valuation of our positions and their overall impact we have developed an AI Asset Valuation System and apply it to our portfolio assets.

The ability to fine-tune asset valuation based on big data is a crucial differentiation and gives us a much higher accuracy, impacting our investment and exit strategies. We do this fine tuning through simultaneous analysis of parallel streams of information from various different sources, which allows our AI analytics to spot patterns in every single aspect of a market and gain deep insight into its core functionalities everything that has an effect on it. By using this approach, we keep an eye on the entire global economy and act immediately once an opportunity arises, even in its early stages. 

We help our new portfolio companies by supporting them restructure and develop or improve their pricing, cost efficiency, people and performance, digitization and procurement.  We work closely with their management team to optimize their business operations, marketing and negotiation functions. 


We love small tech companies that create amazing products and services with amazing people. We always spot potential in companies and we have developed an expert team that evaluates that potential and enables the business to expand and grow.

We create tailor-made strategies and maximize the value of the business while supporting with financing and industry expertise. In this way, we enable these small companies to expand to levels never before imagined and improve their entire structure, product and service while still retaining the culture and feeling these companies are known for. 


We help companies develop innovative and efficient marketing strategies and produce more effective messaging strategies for the desired market. Social media, branding, public relations, and everything in between, we help companies emerge in the public eye as a giant of the industry.


We help identify key points in a company that negatively impact growth and expansion and develop strategies to counteract this. We Improving departments, overcoming HR issues, planning employee benefits, and everything needed to facilitate the fast expansion of a business.


Whether its a need for improving client communication or generating new leads, we help companies improve their all-round sales to the fullest potential. We analyze what clients need, how they communicate, how they operate, and the best possible way to reach them to completely reshape a companies sales team, process and revenue.


We identify the biggest advantages of a companies product or technology and we help flesh it out for the company to reach its potential. We help develop and improve existing products while putting a focus on creating solutions that will be in demand for years to come.


For expanding the business and maximizing the value of a company, you need the right mix of conditions and culture. For many companies, the requirements for expanding future prospects are different than those needed to strengthen the current business.

This is why we create an environment of learning and improving in order to prepare companies for their future growth and business expansion.