sustainable investing

We build portfolios with focus on sustainable investment and have implemented a corporate strategy of ethical behavior. Sustainable investing is a way to invest for the returns you expect while staying true to your values, supporting a cause, and driving social change. 

For example, we engage in social projects, educational initiatives and developing strategies on how to maximize positive impact for underdeveloped communities in Africa and India. We regard it as our responsibility to give back and make a real difference. 

Our ambition is to help our portfolio companies become successful, sustainable businesses. We seek to do this in a responsible way, with a clear understanding of the environmental and social impacts. 

There are three main ways to invest sustainably.  


Exclude companies, industries, markets, or targets that don’t reflect the values of our portfolios and the general ethical guidelines of the fund. 


We integrate environmental, social, and corporate governance factors into our portfolio to improve our returns and reduce risk.


Invest with the intention to generate measurable environmental and social impact, alongside a financial return.