Our vision is to be a leader in fund management for our investors by being renowned for attaining the fullest potential of our portfolio businesses.

We aim to create a long-term positive impact on the future by investing in opportunities that require dedicated support and guidance.

Our Mission

Our mission is to proactively support our portfolio businesses so that their maximum potential is seized and brought to light. 

By closely engaging with the founders and managers of our portfolio start-ups, we help them reveal their uniqueness and opportunities. We prepare them for the global market by diligently supporting their evolution and developing their capacities.

We are guided by the highest standards of ethics and the principles of sustainable investment.

We also engage in social projects, educational initiatives and strategies aimed at maximizing positive impact for developing communities in Africa and India. We regard it as our responsibility to give back and make a real difference.


At Semis, our philosophy bases upon the principles of integrity, honesty, and respect for our clients, our partners, and our team. We have an unparalleled commitment to excellence in analytical investing with the operational expertise that keeps us among the leaders in value creation.

Our dedicated staff bases their expert investment decisions on structured risk and return analysis. Semis uses a combination of expansive international professional networks, the expertise of our team, and our proprietary methodologies to seek out the most valuable investment opportunities.

The talent and creativity of our people give us the ability to structure and executed transactions fast and efficiently, even during times of market instability.

We ensure growth and stability by partnering with only the most outstanding entrepreneurial management teams. Our continued strategy to build our portfolios with the best and brightest partners internationally has created a group of valuable experts backing our global investment strategies across different segregated portfolios.