Our values underpin our company culture. They describe the professionalism and mindset we expect from our employees and partners. These values are an integral part of the framework we use when we recruit talent and when we build new relationships with partners.


We want our people to have the courage to stand up for their ideas and challenge the status quo. We also want them to have the courage to do the right thing in the face of resistance or moral dilemmas.


Innovation is at the heart of what we do. We encourage people to experiment and take smart risks. Our aim is to foster creative thinking that leads to practical solutions and business challenges.


Delivering high-quality products is critical to sustainable growth and value creation. Our focus on quality excellence includes continuously enhancing our standards, technology and training for our people, as well as learning from our mistakes.


We encourage our employees to put the success of their team first and to value each other’s contributions and feedback. We embrace diverse perspectives to develop an inclusive environment where everyone can achieve their full potential.


We care about our people, investors and stakeholders and commit to the highest ethical standards in what we do. We take a principles-based approach to support constructive discussions and improve decision-making.