Building insight with ai

Utilizing AI, we combine complex, predictive analytics with the directive feedback of our managers to achieve an adaptive framework of changing conditions and goals.

The vast amount of data available can only be analyzed through deep learning algorithmic structures, and AI makes this possible with a continuous interaction among managers’ decisions, targeting actions, and AI-adaptive capabilities.

Our AI-driven approach allows us to be one step ahead at every given moment and provides us with analytics and insight far above the standard methods used by other funds. Our AI systems see patterns, correlations and gain insight from vast amounts of data streams, which we use to gain an edge in every market we are in. This ensures that all of our strategies are with minimal risk, even in the most volatile of markets. 

Our AI analytics ensures that we spot value positions and emerging trends much faster than others and enter into markets with high profitability based on our automated systems alone.

Advanced Multilayered Response (AMR)

We use our proprietary Advanced Multilayered Response (AMR) to nuance our investment strategy. AMR combines deep learning algorithmic market analysis with traditional investment decision making, consisting of two layers of algorithmic approach and a manual layer of decision making. The results of each of these layers are weighted according to specific market patterns determining the actual required approach and resulting in decision making and execution.

The core of AMR is a deep learning system that leverages the power of algorithmic, ultra-high-speed data analysis, and human intelligence injection.

Catching the right moment

A core element of successful investment is not only the strategy. It is also timing. When do you execute your strategy? When is the right time to exit a position?  To gain this type of insight, we rely on AI.  

A core decision-making element is market insight. Market insight is not only about gathering and analyzing financial data, it is also about monitoring the pulse of the market and where it is headed.  Public perception, the political climate, foreign relations, and everything in-between can have an impact on markets. We track public discussions and determine emerging trends before they become visible, allowing us to be fast and flexible when executing our strategy.

We use advanced AI technology to gather financial insights and to understand the social impacts our investments produce. We also use social listening AI to identify key drivers, correlate financial and social data and pinpoint the exact moments to take required actions. 

With deep analytics we can predict shifts in financial markets days before they happen, based on patterns correlated to public sentiment towards markets, products and currencies.  With this insight, we are able to mitigate risks and react in time to predicted shifts. 

The industry is on the cusp of a technological arms race where an intelligent program is poised to join our team as a machine co-pilot.