Revolutionizing art trading with artes

Artes revolutionizes art trading by offering a blockchain-based exchange market for digitized artwork. This allows anyone to own a piece of art and expand their digital artwork gallery. The Artes platform offers the following key services:


  • Digitized fine art: On Artes, all sourced art pieces are broken down and digitized into pieces that can be traded on the Artes Public Stock Exchange. Users can buy, sell, and trade digitized fine artwork that is carefully sourced by the Artes team. 
  • The Artes Public Stock Exchange: Artes allows users to trade fine art on a public exchange that runs 24/7 and can be accessed globally. This means that, no matter where or when, artwork can be bought and sold.
  • Blockchain technology: The trading of digitized art is done through a blockchain system, which ensures full transparency and data security, writing each trade on a secure ledger.  Each trade is marked and verified using blockchain, validating it and making it unalterable. 


The follow four elements are the key pillars of the Artes platform:


  • Identification: We use advanced data-driven analytics to derive the most desirable art pieces based on different demographics, groups of interest, and behavioral profiles of Artes users.
  • Analysis: All characteristics of a sourced art piece are further analyzed and we derive data about the attractiveness of the art and predict trading trends for the art based on this data.
  • Digitization: The artwork is "broken down" into digitized pieces that can, from this point onward, be openly bought, sold, and traded by users.
  • Entering the market: Once the artwork is fully analyzed and digitized, it enters the Artes market. Here, users are free to trade in virtual shares of the art piece.